Friday, February 1, 2013

Over the Hill Diaper Cake

I'm a little nervous how our friend Art is going to react to his 50th birthday "cake":

It is either going to be a great source of amusement or we are never being invited over again.

Did you know that there are different types of adult incontinence products?  I didn't (guess that's a good thing).  I had intended to buy the underwear style which looks more like a baby's diaper, but grabbed a package of guard pad style because it was cheaper.  It wasn't until I opened the package that I realized my mistake, so I just decided to go with it  as I didn't want to waste my purchase.

I hot glued an empty coffee can to the center of my tray as a base for the cake.  I then unwrapped the individual pads, rolled them like a jelly roll  (adhesive strips to the inside where it wouldn't show) and wrapped an elastic around the center of each roll.  The  bottom layer of the cake was made with these individual rolls which were arranged around the coffee can  and held in place by an large elastic .  The top layer of the case is more rolls held together by an elastic.

The two layers of cake are held together by bamboo skewers (just like dowels in a real cake) to which I attached  mesh ribbon and a over the hill tombstone  as a topper.  The elastics holding together the rolls of guard pads are hidden using black grosgrain ribbon.  I attached four "Happy Birthday Art" cuts (welded using Cricut CraftRoom) to the ribbon on the bottom layer and three "50" cuts to the ribbon on the top layer of the cake.

Around the cake, I added various senior products such as reading glasses, pill dispenser, denture cleaning products, tums and hemorrhoid cream.

I also took a empty baby food jar to which I added some marbles, decorated with vinyl to read "Old Geezer Lost Marble Replacements" as an additional senior product for the cake.

I also added a vinyl label to the denture bath (to help identify what the item was).

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression & Cricut CraftRoom Application
Cricut  Over the Hill Cartridge
Cricut  San Serif Cartridge ("Denture Bath" label)

Cricut  Lyrical Labels Cartridge (lost marbles label)
16" Disposble Aluminium  Foil Catering Tray

Empty Coffee Can
Emplty baby food jar
spray paint (jar lid)
Poster board (tombstone topper)
Card stock from my stash
Celebrate It Black Mesh Ribbon
Celebrate It 360 Black Grosgain Ribbon
Bamboo Skewers
Hot glue
Silver vinyl scraps from my stash
Black vinyl scraps from my stash
Various Senior Products

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Diane said...

What a great idea! Totally hilarious! I love it!


Cindy@ said...

Oh my goodness, this is the funniest diaper cake I've ever seen. I love it. I will need to remember this for the future.

Helen said...

LOL, too funny! It turned out great!

Boomer Knows said...

Awesome fun, I hope it is well received too:D

Nadia ( said...

This is the funniest, meanest, most-likely-to-get-you-paid-back gift ever!!!! I totally love it!! Hilarious!

I just read on your comments that you are going to Mania! I am so happy for you -- you will love it!! I so wish I were going! Hope to meet you one day!!

Holly Young said...

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I saw this an hour ago, and I'm still laughing!