Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sandblasting Glass

So Denubug from the Cricut Circle Forum posted about a great deal on compressors that could be used with Copic markers for airbrushing.  Well, I managed to get a compressor, but instead of using it for airbrushing, I picked up a sandblasting gun.  This is my first project etching glass by sandblasting:

I used the Sans Serif cartridge to cut out "DIANE" from some outdoor grade vinyl, weeded out the letters and applied the remaining vinyl to the jar.   I taped around the vinyl on the jar to protect a greater area and I then blasted the jar with the using the sandblasting gun filled with  Aluminium Oxide sand.  I am impressed with how much deeper of a etch I got using the sandblasting gun over etching cream.

Here's the type of sandblasting gun I used and a picture of the homemade blast cabinet I made from a plastic storage box:

Finally, here's another picture of the jar filled with some peanut butter cups:

Thanks for looking!


Denbobss said...

Wow....I think I need that tool????
You don't need the etching cream?

Hrvatica said...

No etching cream required when you sandblast.

Carolyn/MamaC said...

How smart you are! Love all the ideas and projects you have! Another great project!

Bad Kitty said...

jako lijepo