Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Simple Birthday Card & My Neglected Husband

Do you know the saying "the shoe maker’s son has no shoes”? It refers to the cobbler spending so much time repairing the shoes of his customers that he doesn’t have the time to repair his children's shoes.  Well, that's how my husband feels about my card making these days.  I've been busy making gift tags for a swap (come back tomorrow to see the tag), so I threw together the following simple card for his birthday from scraps in my stash and using the Cuttlebug A2 Happy Birthday folder:

He made it known that while he thought the card was cute, he was a little disappointed he didn't get a more elaborate one.  I'll have to make it up to him on the next card I make for him.


Carolyn/MamaC said...

Oh, how I understand your crafting problem! I make cards all day, but do you think I send any? No...I am the world's worst card-sender! LOL!!! At least your husband got his card on time! Mine are usually late!
Cute card!