Sunday, February 19, 2012

40th Anniversary Centerpieces

I’m still here.  Sorry for the lack of posts, but I was busy making the following centerpieces for a non-profit Croatian Folklore group that I’m involved with:

The group was celebrating their 40th anniversary with a dinner and dance and I volunteered to make 42 centerpieces for the tables.  Being a volunteer based non-profit organization, keeping cost down was important and I am proud that I was able to put these together at a cost of about 50 cents each for the materials. 

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression & Cricut CraftRoom Application
Superman Cartridge (font for vinyl lettering on pot)
Hello Kitty Font Cartridge (“40”)
Ribbons & Rosettes Cartridge (rosette and medallion)
Outdoor grade vinyl (scraps from a sign shop) in red and blue
Copic Marker (to outline card stock medallion and the "40")
Red Tissue Paper
Red Tulle from the Dollar Store
Styrofoam balls
Bamboo Skewers
Martha Stewart Glitter and Glitter Glue
Martha Stewart Scoring Board
Recollections brand card stock
Small Ceramic Pots
Hot glue and glue gun

I cut the name of the group and the years from the vinyl first and put in on the pot (double sided so you could read it from either side of the pot).  I cut the Styrofoam balls in half and glued a half ball to the bottom of the pot.  Glitter glue was applied to the skewers and then the glitter.  The rosettes were cut (six cuts – 2 of each of in red, white and blue) from the card stock, folded and glued together with a “40” medallion on each side of the rosette.  I stuck the pointy end of the skewer into the Styrofoam ball half, stuffed the pot with the tissue paper to hide the Styrofoam, used the tulle as the top layer of the pot stuffing and then slipped the rosette onto the skewer.  While I didn’t track my time exactly (no need to as my time was being donated), I spent well over 40 hours making these centerpieces. The most time consuming was the weeding and application of the vinyl on the pots. 

The dinner was a success and one person at each table got to take home my creation.

Thanks so much for looking.


chasing keegan said...

The look great. I could only image the time you spent on the vinyl not to mention putting the whole thing together. I am sure that they all loved them! Great Job!

Sis Patterson said...

A lovely gift! How nice of you to take the time and make so many! They are lovely and I'm sure the person who got to take one home will treasure it!

Michele said...

42 center pieces? I'm exhausted just reading it! lovely job though! And I adore the earrings you made too! Thank you for taking the time to visit my are a bright spot to my day!

scrapaholicjen said...

I love your centerpieces. I was surprised to read that you used the Superman cartridge for the font on the jar! I assumed it was handwritten - great font. It cut out great for the size too!

Susie said...

I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

Bad Kitty said...

krasno te to napravili.